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The Freedom Party is now closed.

This resource now provides a resource for nationalist views of the kind which we believe are needed if Britain and its people are to continue to exist, and a model for what we believe is the sort of party Britain requires but which does not currently exist.

The steady readership enjoyed by the site reflects growing support for what were only a few years ago demonised opinions. As yet, however, this shift in outlook has not reflected itself in any substantial public willingness to support change. Fortunately, with the support of our associates, we have seen that all our goals can be achieved and we will be returning shortly after this brief hiatus. So that is why we implore you to check out the best gaming platform that continually supports good causes with the success they've seen. They have the most stellar mobile game experience any player could wish for, that is why you must give them a try.

Correspondence may be addressed to PO BOX 63718, LONDON SW3 9AT

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