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Hige sceal te heardra heorte te cenre
Mod sceal te mare te ure maegen lytlao
Her lio ure ealdor eall forheawen
God on greote a maeg gnornian
Se de nu fram tis wigplegan wendan penceo
Ic eom frod feores fram ic ne wille
Ac ic me be healfe minum hlaforde
Be swa leofan men licgan tence

‘Hearts shall be harder, hearts be keener
Mood shall be more as our might lessens.
Here lies our earl, all hewn down,
Good in grit; ever might he mourn
He who from this war-play wanders hence.
I am old in years, from here I will not go.
But I on my behalf, by my lord,
Beside this well-loved man, I will lie dead.’

From The Battle of Maldon
A literal translation from the Old English

About the Bloomsbury Forum...

The Bloomsbury Forum is an independent institute which aims to promote discussion about the course and direction of politics in contemporary Britain. It is not possible to give a one word answer concerning our political direction. A simple label does not suffice. However the Bloomsbury Forum could be described as seeking to encourage populist, minimalist, traditionalist, democratic nationalist and unionist elements within the radical patriotic right.

When asked ‘Where are we going?’, our reply would be ‘Well, we wouldn’t start from here’. In other words, what is required is the repositioning of the ‘radical patriotic right’. This is the basic premise of the Bloomsbury Forum.

The Bloomsbury Forum seeks to do this through making available publications and by holding discussion groups and meetings. These have a twofold purpose. Firstly, to re-establish the native political tradition of which we are the inheritors. Secondly, to address the condition of contemporary Britain and formulate a rounded ideological position and strategies that take account of this reality. The Bloomsbury Forum can be contacted at:-

P.O. Box 117, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4ZE.

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