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May 2 2003

Freedom Party wins first council seat

The Freedom Party has won its first ever council election in the West Midlands.

Deputy Chairman Sharron Edwards was elected to South Staffordshire District Council in Wombourne South West Ward.

Mrs Edwards won 641 votes (40.6%) giving her first place.  The second and third places were taken by Conservatives with 483 and 457 votes.

The Freedom Party was formed only two-and-a-half years ago but has succeeded in building effective local organisations in several areas. It  has now proved its future potential by building a sufficient degree of prominence and recognition to win an election. Our party has focused on addressing the local concerns of residents. We have not attempted to be elected on the basis of a protest vote, but on ability to serve local people in the manner which was once associated with the three old parties.

The Freedom Party came into being as a result of the growing numbers of people of all political backgrounds who have concluded that the political establishment in our country is bent on nothing less than the systematic dismantling of our society.  Many among their number may not wish this to come about, but a variety of considerations has largely silenced any significant opposition.  The people of this country feel increasingly disenfranchised, and there has been the lack of a new party capable of being regarded as serious and responsible in nature.

Many people still believe that the present political establishment is too entrenched to be removed or even seriously challenged.  The Freedom Party believes that there are huge opportunities ahead for legitimate opposition, and that the traditional attachment of voters to the old parties is eroding rapidly.

Winning an election clearly signals that our political project is a viable one, which is capable of growing and developing into many other areas of the country.

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