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Time to go!

By Adrian Davies

Disraeli once said that the Conservative party is a national party, or it is nothing.  It has ceased to be a national party, and is rapidly becoming nothing.

Desperate to parrot the hackneyed, modish social liberal quackery of the establishment, and pathetically anxious to conform to a climate of opinion in all essentials hostile to conservatism (with a small “c”), the would be modernisers of a sclerotic and increasingly geriatric “Conservative” party are gathering together in little conventicles such as the ludicrously named C-Change group.

There they listen to the likes of the effete Francis Maude inveigh in that superior tone which liberals affect against their less enlightened countrymen, who “fear the aggressive multiculturalism of younger Britain”.

What does the wretch mean by that?  Mugging?  Gurbux Singh drunk and disorderly at Lords, and telling policemen that, because he is the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality he is untouchable, that is, I hasten to add, for I should not wish to offend a lofty executive of the race relations industry, in the Chicago rather than the Bombay sense of the word.

The Conservative Party has become decadent beyond words and, more importantly, beyond redemption.  It is dying, and it will not be missed.  It has abandoned any pretence of defending the independence, the unity of the identity of the British family of nations.

I will not speak to you at length about Europe.  There are others here who are better qualified than I to address you on that subject.

Suffice it to say that so anxious is the present Conservative “leader” not to be attacked as anti-European that he banned the pressure group Conservatives against a Federal Europe, of which he was still at the time when he imposed the ban a vice-chairman, resulting in the headline, Duncan Smith bans Duncan Smith!

The Conservative Party once called itself simply “the Unionist Party”.  It no longer stands for the Union with Northern Ireland, and has little to say about the risk to the Union with Scotland.  Secretly, many of its luminaries would be pleased to see the Celtic nations go, in the hope that they might have a bigger role in a rump English state.

I come then to the subject of immigration, for I will not respect the liberal establishment’s taboo against discussion of this subject, which is by far the most important issue in modern British politics, but which the present Conservative leadership is determined to ignore.

It is far more important than the European issue.  A nation can lose its independence and then recover it, as the Baltic states did when Stalin forcibly incorporated them into the USSR, a fate so far worse than absorption into the European Union that it is an insult to the tens of millions of victims of Communism to compare the two “empires,” as some alas do in fits of ill considered Eurosceptic hyperbole.  To-day Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are free and independent nations again.  A nation that loses its national identity ceases to be, for all time.

On present trends some two million immigrants, overwhelmingly from Africa and Asia, will settle in the United Kingdom over the next ten years.  That is more than the population of Birmingham, our second city.

Don’t take my word for it: look at the website of the important new non-party thinktank MigrationWatch UK, which is headed by a distinguished former diplomat, Sir Andrew Green, a public servant not given to alarmism.

The demographic changes that have occurred over the past fifty years, entirely without democratic consent or free public debate have already made large parts of England, to borrow a telling phrase of Mr William Hague’s, a “foreign country,” where the remnant native population often lives in misery in a land transformed beyond recognition in one generation.  Unless the influx is halted, things can only get worse.

Under the pathetic IDS, the Conservative party grows ever more complicit in the establishment’s criminal betrayal of the British people.  IDS’s Conservative party is not a “one nation” party, but a “no nation” party.

As the Mail on Sunday reported on 6th October, IDS is so anxious to be seen as PC, that he is ethnically cleansing while men from the list of approved Tory candidates, to make way for the ideal new Conservative candidate, that is to say, one-legged black lesbians.

Where do we go from here?

On 13th August the Daily Telegraph revealed that e-mails are circulating between Tory candidates who are discussing the possibility of splitting away to form a libertarian Conservative party.  The project, with the working title of the Start Again Party, is (we hear) in its infancy.

Its advocates, most of whom backed "Polly" Portillo last year, are discussing its structure and sources of funding.  A group of about fifty Tories, including (it is said) more than twelve candidates, have been meeting in private for several months to discuss the idea.

The phrase "it's time to go" is circulated after each incident that is considered damaging to the party.

What these people mean by “damaging”, is of course, transgressing the taboos of NuLab Britain, and so earning the hostility of its propagandists, which should be a badge of honour, not a source for concern.

Even a broken clock, however, tells the right time twice a day, and I would leave you with this thought.

When IDS has made the now traditional Tory leader’s resignation speech on the lawn in Smith Square after losing the next general election, will you all come back here again in four years’ time to face the fact that leather bondage trousered sex kitten Teresa May is your new leader, or that David Davis now holds that transient honour, and is busy living down his right wing past by expelling certain of your number as sacrifices to appease the media’s feeding frenzy, and get better coverage from the BBC or in the Guardian?

Is there really a future for those of us in this room in a Conservative Party which is totally opposed to all our values, and amongst whose parliamentary ranks there is not to be found one man who can be seen as the champion of a right-wing resurgence in the party?

Search your hearts and consider whether you can really turn this party around, considering what it is to-day.

Ought you not rather to support those of us who are willing to do what it takes to build up a new patriotic and national party from the grass-roots.

I say to you, ladies and gentlemen, that the Tory party is over.  It’s time to go.

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