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FP chairman Adrian Davies addressed the Conservative Democratic Alliance’s “Enoch Powell Memorial Rally” at the Conservative Party conference in Bournemouth on 6th October.

Mr Davies joined with other speakers including Sam Swerling, formerly chairman of the Monday Club, Steve Moxon, immigration “whistleblower” and author of the controversial book “the Great Immigration Scandal”, Ashley Mote MEP, and Derek Turner, editor of Right Now magazine in condemning the immigration policies of successive governments of both major parties which had transformed many of our big cities (and increasingly, our smaller towns) into a foreign country.

This process had no democratic legitimacy, said Mr Davies. No government, whether Tory or Labour, had ever frankly told the British people that it intended to transform the face of England. There was no reason to acquiesce in what had happened. At the very least it was necessary to deport the million or so illegal immigrants present in Great Britain, and to withdraw from the Convention on Refugees, which was anachronistic in the modern world. The process should not however necessarily stop there. As Enoch Powell himself had said, all legislation about nationality is in a sense retrospective, and there was no reason why a future parliament should not enact a new nationality act which revises the status of that part of the immigrant and immigrant descended population which is lawfully present within the realm.

We have, said Mr Davies, two great lessons to learn from the life of Enoch Powell. The first was to follow his example, and take part in politics to advance the common good, not out of the selfish careerism which typified the present government (making an honourable but isolated exception in Gordon Brown’s case), and so much of the official opposition. Enoch Powell’s name would be revered when all the other parliamentarians of his age were either reviled or forgotten.

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