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Press Release

May 6 2002


Police are investigating illegal election practices by the  Labour Party and British National Party during the poll for Tipton Green Ward of Sandwell Borough Council in the West Midlands last week.

The British National Party distributed election material giving the Freedom Party's address as their own. The use of a false address during elections is an offence under election law. The Labour Party then distributed a leaflet throughout the ward, Tipton Green Labour Rose, claiming that both the BNP and Freedom Party in reality shared an address and that the two parties were therefore effectively the same organisation. The Freedom Party's address is not used by any other organisation and is solely owned by our party. The purpose of the above manoeuvres was to discourage voters willing to support Freedom Party candidate Steve Edwards but who would never offer their vote to the BNP or any group associated with it.  The Freedom Party has no doubt that the above false publications illegally affected Mr Edwards' vote.  He came second to Labour after votes were counted.

The Freedom Party has no connection with the British National Party which it regards as thoroughly disreputable.  The Freedom Party was formed to offer the public a political party which supports the continued existence of our country and society but which cannot fairly be described in similar terms to those often justifiably employed regarding the BNP.

Mr Edwards is taking legal advice concerning action against both the offending political parties.

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