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March 3 2020

3 Online Fake Casinos Closed

British National Fraud Authority (NFA) closed 3 online fake casinos after they made a detail investigation. It all started when many people started to report these sites a few months ago. We recommend you always play on legal online casino sites, do some research reading reviews from reputable sources and player opinions before you make a real money deposit online.

April 15 2006

New raid on gollies

Sussex police are set to raid a Worthing toy shop where gollies are on display.

Owner of the shop, John Scadgell, is suspected by police of committing a racially aggravated offence following a complaint by a graphic designer.

February 5 2006

Hot cross buns banned

The headmistress of The Oaks Primary School, Ipswich, has banned hot cross buns.

Suppliers of the buns were told to remove the cross by Tina Jackson on grounds of possible offence to minorities.

April 7 2005

Grant for war memorial refused

The national lottery has refused a grant for a memorial to the 16,000 British servicemen killed since WWII.

February 12 2005

Scouts too white for lottery grant

Children in Alconbury have been deemed too white, too able-bodied and too middle-class to receive a £190,000 grant for a new Scout and Guide headquarters from the organisers of the National Lottery’s Community Fund.

As with the Samaritans, a grant was refused because the scouts did not prioritise groups like asylum seekers.

February 6 2005

52% want less than 10,000 immigrants a year

A YouGov poll shows 52% of people wanting immigration levels of less than 10,000 a year.

70% rejected Labour's argument that immigrants were needed to do jobs that Britons 'could not or would not do'.

February 3 2005

Unemployed pressed towards prostitution by German Job Centres

Following the legalisation of prostitution, brothels now have a legal right to advertise for prostitutes in German Job Centres. Those refusing to apply, who are long-term unemployed, are legally liable to withdrawal of benefits.

October 3 2004

Report accuses minister of playing politics with race

Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt has been heavily criticised by a Boundary Commission report into her demands that 2,500 Asian voters should not be removed from her constituency.

The report by a QC said that parliamentary boundaries should not be drawn on a racial basis.

Claims have been made that Ms Hewitt wanted the Asian voters to remain in her constituency since they were expected to vote Labour.

August 12 2004

Ten thousand more Bangladeshi immigrants

10,000 more Bangladeshis are being allowed by Labour to enter Britain to work - despite the fact that 40% of young Bangladeshi men already here are unemployed - a total of 10,000.

The immigrants are being allowed in on grounds that no local workers can be found to do catering jobs.

August 11 2004

Failed asylum seeker defaces war memorial

A failed Iraqi asylum seeker from Oldham has been found guilty of desecrating a Blackpool war memorial and wreaths laid to mark the 90th anniversary of Britain's entry into the First World War.

Harkan Amin (32), of Oldham, pleaded guilty to indecent behaviour. He had been refused asylum on seven occasions but no deportation order had been served on him.

June 28 2004

Liberal Democrats go to court over election fraud

The Liberal Democrats are seeking High Court action to overturn the result of recent elections in Birmingham.

The party says that massive vote rigging and fraud were carried out by Labour. Intimidation and theft of voting papers were condoned by Labour officials and postmen offered bribes.

May 13 2004

Australia offers cash to increase birth rate

Faced with a falling birth rate, Australia is calling on couples to have three children and offering a cash grant of £1000 per child.

Western European countries like Britain have, of course, generally refused to take action to increase the birth rate instead using the low replication rate as a justification for mass immigration.

Italy to allow householders right of defence against burglars

April 27 2004

Italy is to pass new laws allowing people to defend themselves against burglars without risk of prosecution. The plan follows the - shades of Tony Martin - murder charge to be offered against a jeweller who shot a burglar trying to smash his way into a shop. The Italian government says that the present law is biased in favour of criminals.

Councillor forged votes

March 6 2004

A Tory councillor, Anthony Bays, has pleaded guilty at Reading Crown Court to forging votes for himself.

Bays, 55, a councillor for 25 years, visited elderly people and obtained their voting forms which he then altered.

Tribunal finds fire service to have discriminated against white men

January 18 2004

The Industrial Tribunal has found Staffordshire Fire Service to have illegally discriminated against white men applying for jobs.

Fitness tests were rigged to allow the service to meet Labour targets for hiring women and ethnics. The Tribunal said that the service deliberately flouted the law.

Public library banned Christians but welcomed Muslims

December 15 2003

Tory-controlled High Wycombe public libraries told a local church that it could not advertise a carol service because of a council policy banning religious advertising on grounds of possible offence. But a celebration of the Muslim festival of Eid was permitted at a local library.

Religious leaders of all faiths have now said that celebrations of Christmas should be permitted at the libraries.

Labour balks at publishing TB report

December 3 2003

The rate of TB infection has risen fourfold in parts of London. Publication of a plan to halt the rise of the infection is being delayed by the Government, which fears that attention will be drawn in the press to the fact that one source of the growth of the disease is immigration.

Failed asylum seekers must be given housing

October 9 2003

The High Court has ruled that failed asylum seekers must be given free housing if they are considered to be unable to return to their home countries.

More than half of firm's staff illegal immigrants

August 13 2003

A police raid on a Surrey biscuit manufacturer revealed 101 illegal immigrants employed at the premises - more than half the staff. Cookie Man in Esher had 65 Brazilians, 17 Ukrainians and 7 Lithuanians among their employees.

Chief Rabbi says Britain 'besieged'

July 6 2003

The Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks, says that Britain is besieged by asylum seekers and has called for regional refugee camps to be set up outside Britain.

The Immigration Service Commissioner has discovered that legal firms are illegally offering free video recorders and mobile phones to asylum seekers as an inducement to sign up for their services.

Nigeria vows to stamp out Internet swindle

June 3 2003

Three people have appeared in a Nigerian court charged with a '419' swindle involving £1.25m.

The well-known scam involves sending unsolicited e-mails promising millions in return for help in transferring money from African countries. The victims have their bank accounts emptied in what is believed to be one of Nigeria's biggest foreign exchange earners.

More people have been arrested and Nigeria's economic crimes commission promises relentless pursuit of the fraudsters.

Government refuses funding for British food show

May 26 2002

Labour has refused funding for British Food Fortnight under an EU ruling banning the promotion of British products over those of other EU countries.

France continues to promote its own food despite the EU regulation.

Labour Whip's warning on postal voting scams

May 18 2003

The Labour MP Phil Woolas, who represents Oldham East, has warned that public trust in the electoral system is close to collapse.

Mr Woolas' warning follows nationwide complaints about ballot rigging by the use of postal votes. Police are investigating the possible misuse of 300 postal votes in Oldham. Also in Oldham, 80 votes were sent to a single terrace house in the ethnic Coldhurst ward.

Audit office to probe work permits scandal

May 12 2003

The National Audit Office is to investigate the issue of abuse of work permits by companies.

IT workers have complained that their job prospects have collapsed following Labour's issue of vast numbers of work permits to foreign workers. The NAO is looking at Work Permits UK, the agency which issues foreign workers with clearance to take British jobs.

Council calls for Britons to migrate

April 15 2003

Kent Council is backing a scheme for thousand of Britons to move to France and commute to work by Eurotunnel. The purpose is to take pressure off the county to build new homes - something substantially brought about in the first place by mass immigration into Britain.


March 29 2003

The East London borough of Newham now has the worst rate of tuberculosis in the Western World. Doctors have warned of a 'public health disaster waiting to happen' as asylum seekers flood in, many of them carrying TB.

Heart patients in Britain receive worse treatment than in Slovakia, and almost the worst in the Western World with only one in five seeing a specialist.

Nearly one in ten of patients staying in NHS hospitals becomes infected owing to poor hygiene. Many suffer the often fatal antibiotic resistant MRSA bug.

Home Secretary David Blunkett's latest scheme, claimed to reduce the numbers seeking asylum, has been rubbished by EU countries. Blunkett had proposed that all EU asylum seekers should be sent to camps outside the EU while their cases were decided.

Former French Prime Minister Edith Cresson has been charged with embezzling £100,000 while she was an EU commissioner.

New York murder rate lower than in 1900

January 4 2003

Manhattan's murder rate is now lower than in 1900. 82 murders were recorded in 2002 compared with 102 in 1900. In 1972 there were 661 recorded killings.

Following several years of zero tolerance policing, the city's notorious crime rate generally has collapsed so dramatically that it now ranks 197th among large US cities - and confounding those who claimed nothing couild be done.

Britain's food industry close to collapse

October 24 2002

A survey of farm incomes has shown Britain's food industry - employing 500,000 people - to be on the brink of collapse.

Deloitte and Touche's report says that farmers are losing £8 an acre on food production and that only large farms might survive despite it being Government policy to encourage small environmentally friendly farms.

Council bans portraits of white mayors

September 9 2002

London's Camden Council has decided to remove a large collection of portraits of past mayors from its Town Hall. The council says the sight of dead white men is inappropriate and complaints have been received.

Parking wardens sell drugs

September 4 2002

A national newspaper has discovered several parking wardens employed by Wandsworth Council to be selling drugs while on duty.

Red Cross to close homes for elderly

June 9 2002

The Red Cross is to close its homes for the elderly in Britain and spend the money on asylum seekers.

Violent crime worse than in South Africa

April 26 2002

The risk of falling victim to violent crime in London's Hackney area is now worse than in South Africa's notorious Soweto.

Bigger payout for asylum seekers than pensioners

February 10 2002

The Government is giving asylum seekers £5.23 a week extra. Last year single pensioners were given a weekly rise in pensions of only £5.

Eurotunnel freight services facing collapse

January 29 2002

Eurotunnel rail freight companies are approaching collapse as a result of illegal immigrants boarding trains and the consequent disruption to services as security guards and police try to block them from leaving France. 8,000 jobs are at stake.

The number of freight trains has been cut by two-thirds from 30 to 10 a day by French railways and the Cross Channel rail company EWS is losing £2m a month. Illegal immigrants from the Sangatte Red Cross camp regularly besiege the tunnel in numbers of up to 200.

London witchdoctor killing

January 28 2002

Police are hunting the perpetrators of what they believe is the first known witchdoctor or 'muti' murder of a child in Britain.

The torso of a black boy was found in the Thames recently. Police believe that the boy was killed in order to use body parts to make magic potions.

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