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Long to reign over us?

Stuart Millson, a loyal Royalist, looks back at the Queen’s Christmas broadcast and finds himself filled with much foreboding…

On the morning of the 25th December 2004, BBC 2 broadcast Simon Schama’s superb programme on the life and times of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth l - the monarch who, perhaps more than any other, symbolised the majesty of “this sceptred isle” and the spirit of a people who refused to be conquered, or even touched by any invader or foreigner. Schama took us back to that defining moment of English history, when Elizabeth (complete with armour) appeared among her army and kinsmen, and pledged herself to the defence of the very soil of England. Although the Queen did not find herself plunged into mortal combat (one could, however, imagine that she would take a few of the Spanish with her if they ever landed!), the meaning of her speech at Tilbury in 1588 was clear: she defined herself as being of her people - in both spirit and blood. The impact of this event could not be underestimated, as England then spurred herself on to become the “United Kingdom”, “the British Empire” - and the greatest world power since the era of Imperial Rome.

Four hundred years have now passed since the age of “Gloriana”, and what a difference those Elizabethans would see if they ever had the misfortune to come back to the land they created. Indeed, I believe that if they did magically reappear on Plymouth Hoe, or at Tilbury, they would break down and weep in sorrow and shame. England - once the Anglo-Saxon realm, feared by all Europe and the world - is now enslaved inside a “European Union”; our laws made in a foreign capital. The English and British people, once the sole inheritors of the island the Romans called “Albion” - the white isle - are now almost reduced to being just “another part of the community”. Meanwhile, English trawlermen, tradesmen, entrepreneurs, huntsmen, countrymen, Lords and commoners alike, are treated with contempt by a nasty, greedy, corrupt and traitorous political and bureaucratic class - a worthless, alien band, who seem to have seized control of virtually every part of this society.

The sad fact is, that this locust-swarm of political correctness, multicultural egalitarianism, EU standardisation, and general subversion of every standard and tradition has left us with only a handful of obviously “British” institutions - the most prominent being the monarchy. And it is clear that the Royal Family, with its deep historical and ceremonial significance, is the next great target of the one-world New Left, although even the media republicans and the professional leftist elite could not keep the Royalist tide at bay during Her Majesty the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, two years ago. Swept along, and uplifted by the patriotism of the Jubilee, many on the British Right-wing (this author included) felt that the monarchy was, once again, responding to a deep feeling within the nation; that somehow we could rekindle part of our lost greatness - an emotional, half-faded, even painful memory, which still haunts so many of us in these dark days of the 21st century. Yet the Queen’s broadcast on Christmas Day 2004 - delivered 416 years after the first Elizabeth’s speech at Tilbury - gave us a very different message.

I found myself watching in disbelief as my Queen - the Queen of England and Defender of the Faith, on Christmas Day, of all days! - called upon her subjects to embrace “other faiths”; “diversity” (the leftist word for the abolition of our established English culture); and to “resist extremism” - an obvious and uncharacteristically political dig at parties of the radical Right, the very people who loyally display Union Jacks and St. George’s flags at their meetings! But worse was to come… the broadcast showed that robust, no-nonsense naval figure, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, and the deeply English Prince of Wales, meeting, greeting and praising practically everyone - and every religion - save for the indigenous British!

We know, of course, that the Queen must tread carefully when people like the present Labour Government are around. Unlike the governments of Attlee, Wilson and Callaghan, “New Labour” (with its ex-NUS and far-Left personnel) is engaged in a cultural war against the past, and so it is understandable, that Her Majesty might make some concessions to the prevailing ethos in Downing Street, Whitehall - and the BBC. But her latest Christmas message seemed to go far beyond the usual diplomatic, even-handedness which we have come to expect - and admire - in this traditional broadcast. This was not so much a seasonal message to the nation and Commonwealth, but a piece of propaganda - by, and for, those who wish to change this country out of all recognition. That Her Majesty the Queen fronted it, and agreed to its content is shocking to every true, loyal, British patriot.

As the broadcast concluded, I wondered what an elderly couple, living in the middle of Tottenham, Bradford or Birmingham, would make of the sentiments expressed? And what of the World War ll veterans, those who fought to defend this nation against foreign invasion - what would they have made of it all? I can, of course, only speak for myself, and it grieves me to say that something changed inside me as this broadcast ran its course. Naturally, I remain a monarchist, but how much will Britain itself remain a monarchy if the Head of State is seen to accept and endorse the very forces which are disinheriting and destroying us? Suddenly, the late-flowering patriotism of the Jubilee seems very distant, and we are - as Royalists and patriots - filled with much foreboding…

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