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Articles published do not necessarily reflect the official viewpoint of The Freedom Party, but are made available to encourage debate

What has happened to our country?

Stuart Millson

Down and Out at the Job Centre

Adventures in the netherworld of (un)employment

by Michael Newland

The Great Immigration Scandal

Michael Newland reviews Steve Moxon's book about Britain's immigration policy

Long to reign over us?

Stuart Millson, a loyal Royalist, looks back at the Queen’s Christmas broadcast and finds himself filled with much foreboding…

The Man Behind The Smile - Tony Blair And The Politics Of Perversion

by Leo Abse

Michael Newland reviews a devastating and prophetic attack on New Labour

The 'extreme Right' - why it failed

Adrian Davies finds some answers in a recent autobiography

The Lost Symphony

Stuart Millson makes a personal journey through Elgar’s unfinished symphony. His starting point is a review of a Proms concert from the 2004 season.

Return of the King

Stuart Millson enjoys the final part of Tolkien's trilogy

Gibraltar Forever!

Stuart Millson

Epiphany at Worbarrow Bay

Stuart Millson

People power saves London village

Stuart Millson

The New Totalitarianism

Stuart Millson addresses the Society for Individual Freedom

Forever England

Stuart Millson

The Shield of Achilles - War, Peace and the Course of History

by Philip Bobbitt

Reviewed by Michael Newland

A 'National Project'?

by David Ball

European Monetary Union

by Michael Newland

What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream

by Noam Chomsky

Speeding and the Law - An Open Letter to the Minister of Transport

by David Ball

From Stake to Spin Doctor

Michael Newland discusses the history of freedom of speech in Britain

The New Avant-Garde

Sam Walker describes how the views of Francis Fukuyama on economics and David Selbourne on civic society complement each other

The Haunted Down Street Bunker

Michael Newland visits a little-known WWII government bunker

'In The End The Facts Kick'- Three centuries of economic change

by Michael Newland

Right of centre parties in the General Election - an assessment of the results

by David Ball


by Michael Newland

Double Lives: Stalin, Willi Munzenberg and the Seduction of the Intellectuals

by Stephen Koch

Reviewed by Michael Newland

William Cobbett - Friend of the People

by Edward Lewis

Anglo-Saxon Rebel - An Introduction to Jack London

by Edward Lewis

Sharron Edwards urges more women to come forward

by Sharron Edwards

The irrationality of colonial guilt - a homage to Lord Bauer

by Michael Newland

Communism and liberalism - two faces of totalitarianism

by Michael Newland

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